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November 13-17, 2023

Started in 2011, Austin Startup Week is a celebration and showcase of everything entrepreneurial in Austin. Each year, we bring entrepreneurs, local leaders, and friends together to connect, collaborate and grow through our educational tracks, mentor office hours, startup showcases, and networking mixers.

The 13th annual Austin Startup Week will take place November 13-17, 2023 with a week of engaging sessions, workshops, special events, and amazing speakers. Pre-register today and join us in celebrating Austin's diverse and unique community of entrepreneurs, movers, and shakers!
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Women in Tech Summit
Monday, November 14th
While more women than ever are earning STEM degrees, they continue to be underrepresented, underpaid, and often discriminated against as founders and team members. Through a series of conversations with industry leaders, entrepreneurs, and academics, this track will explore the unique challenges women face in the tech sector and identify ways to foster diverse and inclusive IT cultures.
New to Austin
Daily Social Events
Welcome to Austin! Dubbed by TechCrunch as the city of unicorns and tech giants, Austin serves as ground zero for startups looking to tap into investors and a thriving innovation community. If you're new to our city, this track is for you. Join a series of events around town curated to help newcomers explore everything the city and its startup ecosystem have to offer.
Entrepreneurship Track
Tuesday, November 15th
Launching your own business can be rewarding, exhilarating, and life-changing. And with an estimated first-year fail rate of 90%, doing so can also be daunting. If you're a first-time founder ready to navigate the risks and reap the rewards, this track is for you. Learn about the building blocks of successful entrepreneurship from those who've navigated the startup space.
Future of Work Track
Tuesday, November 15th
Remote work, evolving processes, and AI—how we work is changing quickly. But adapting to those changes has its own implications for entrepreneurs, their teams, and HR. Join thought leaders as they unpack the challenges and opportunities presented by the shifting professional landscape.
Product and AI Track
Tuesday, November 15th
Product development is an essential phase for any startup. And it can also be a lengthy and expensive process requiring analytical, problem-solving, and creative skills. This track will break down this complex stage into digestible chunks. Hear from innovators using artificial intelligence, deep learning, and machine learning to enhance, improve, and shape products.
Fundraising Track
Wednesday, November 16th
For many startups, fundraising can feel like a confusing web of how, where, and when. But with an increasing number of platforms and approaches, raising capital to launch or scale your business is more attainable than you might think. Join our experts and leaders as they guide startups through the fundraising journey.
Wednesday, November 16th
Web3 is putting the power of the web in the hands of individuals. By using blockchains, cryptocurrencies, and NFTs, developers are building a decentralized web where users can have greater control of their identities, content, and data. Join the discussion on how the principles of decentralization and token-based economics will shape the future of all technology.
Marketing and Branding Track
Wednesday, November 16th
Build your brand. Find your audience. Fuel conversion. It sounds straightforward enough, but figuring out the right product-market fit and marketing mix can be one of the most difficult steps in a startup's journey. Join top branding experts and marketing leaders for a series of conversations on branding and marketing your startup effectively.
IP Track
Thursday, November 17th
You have a brilliant idea…but who actually owns it? This track will teach you how to protect your work legally. Explore the intersection of innovation, invention, design, creativity, tech, and law. Learn the ins and outs of intellectual property—from trademarks to trade secrets—directly from some of the top attorneys and technical experts in the field.
Building in a Bear Market Track
Thursday, November 17th
Sure, VCs are feeling the sting of rising interest rates, high inflation, and unstable markets. But what does that mean for startups? With delayed IPOs, falling valuations, and less investment overall, it's essential for entrepreneurs to learn to navigate these murky financial waters. Get insights from funders and founders on the crisis management skills that will help your company stay afloat the shifting economy.
Sustainability Track
Thursday, November 17th
As climate change rapidly shifts our world, it's clear that sustainability must be at the heart of all business decisions. Conscientious businesses have the power to be key drivers of meaningful progress by balancing profit and efficiency with social and environmental impact—and innovations in climate tech are key to accelerating change. Hear from eco-minded founders and investors leading the charge, and learn how to do right for the planet while growing your company.
Automation, Hacks, Tools Track
Thursday, November 17th
Launching a successful startup means learning to do more with less. Enter automation. Automation makes it possible to perform more work with fewer people, freeing up you and your team for more innovative and profit generation. Join this track to learn about innovative tools and hacks engineered to save you time, money, and headaches—so that you can focus on growing your business.
Health Track
Friday, November 18th
Technology continues to push the boundaries of healthcare, and startups are leading the charge. This track will explore innovative solutions to some of the industry's most significant challenges, including broad access to physical and mental care. Join Austin's health leaders and entrepreneurs as they preview the future of this vital sector.
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